Participation Grants for Turkish Delegates

Participation Grant

In order to ensure that all Congress participants have equal access to funding opportunities, IPSA has decided to offer a limited number of grants to support our Turkish colleagues and encourage their participation in the upcoming Congress.

The purpose of the grant is to facilitate attendance to the World Congress by participants who live and work in Turkey. Candidates must have a role in the congress program (ie. chair, discussant, paper author) in order to apply.

The Participation grant includes:

  • Complimentary Registration to the 24th World Congress
  • One year IPSA Membership (2016)

Criteria for application

  • must live and work (or study) in Turkey
  • must have a role in the congress program (ie. chair, discussant, paper author)

Documents to provide with application

  • Proof of citizenship (identification page of passport)
  • Proof of work or study (ie. student card, staff card, letter of employment with valid dates) in Turkey.
  • A resume or CV
  • A letter of reference (from place of employment or educational institution, or from the chair or convenor of your panel).

How to apply

The application period is now closed.

The application period for the IPSA Participation Grants was from 15 March to 03 April, 2016. All applications had to be completed online using the IPSA account, without exceptions.

Applicants will be notified of results on April 11, 2016.

Application Criteria and System of Evaluation


Definition: qualified applicants are those who (1) must live and work (or study) in Turkey and (2) have a role in the congress program, and whose applications are received by 3 April 2016.

Points system

Grants will be awarded in accordance with a points system, whose features are as follows. All candidates are allocated points on the basis of their applications, to a maximum of 18. The minimum number of points is 2, in the case of qualified applicants. Points allocated to the main criteria are as follows:

  1. Status on program
  • paper author + another role (chair/co-chair/discussant/co-author/convenor)
  • paper author/co-author
  • chair/co-chair/convenor/discussant
  1. Geographical region - country of citizenship
  1. Sex
  • female
  • male
  1. Age during Congress year
  • less than 30
  • 30-39
  • 40 and over
  1. Contribution to IPSA membership
  • special contribution to IPSA (e.g. as recommended by the executive committee)
  • IPSA member during 2015