Program Sessions

The 2016 IPSA World Congress Program is divided into the following sessions. All sessions, at the exception of the LOC, are held in either of IPSA's official languages: English and French.

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Main Theme and Congress Sessions

Panels and sessions related to the theme of the congress are grouped into seven (7) main themes, each organized by a member of the Executive Committee. The seven main themes are represented by the Main Theme sessions (closed for submissions) and the Congress Sessions (open for submissions).

MT - Main Theme Sessions

MT01 Comparative Politics, Democracy and Regime Types (Closed)

MT02 Identity Politics, Social and National movements (Closed)

MT03 International Political Economy and Globalisation (Closed)

MT04 International Relations (Closed)

MT05 Political Institutions and Civic Engagement (Closed)

MT06 Political Theory (Closed)

MT07 Public Policy and Administration (Closed)

CS - Congress Sessions

CS01 Comparative Politics, Democracy and Regime Types

CS02 Identity Politics, Social and National movements

CS03 International Political Economy and Globalisation

CS04 International Relations

CS05 Political Institutions and Civic Engagement

CS06 Political Theory

CS07 Public Policy and Administration

LOC - Local Organizing Committee Sessions

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is organizing three (4) sessions. The first three sessions will showcase Turkish political science, and will be held in English, French or Turkish. The fourth session is organized by the Polish LOC and will showcase political science in Eastern Europe.

LOC01 Theory and Politics

LOC02 Turkey's Domestic Politics

LOC03 Turkish Foreign Policy and Regional Politics

LOC04 Divided and Unequal World from the East-Central European Perspective

Special Sessions

Partner Ogranization Sessions


ECPR European Consortium for Political Research


IDEA International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance


IAPSS International Association for Political Science Students

RC - Research Committee Sessions

Each of IPSA's Research Committees (RC) organizes a session with a minimum of two panels on subjects related to their field of interest.

RC01 Concepts and Methods

RC02 Political Elites

RC03 European Unification

RC05 Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics

RC06 Political Sociology

RC07 Women, Politics and Developing Nations

RC08 Legislative Specialists

RC09 Comparative Judicial Studies

RC10 Electronic Democracy

RC11 Science and Politics

RC12 Biology and Politics

RC13 Democratization in Comparative Perspective

RC14 Politics and Ethnicity

RC15 Political and Cultural Geography

RC16 Socio-Political Pluralism

RC17 Comparative Public Opinion

RC18 Asian and Pacific Studies

RC19 Gender Politics and Policy

RC20 Political Finance and Political Corruption

RC21 Political Socialization and Education

RC22 Political Communication

RC23 Elections, Citizens and Parties

RC24 Armed Forces and Society

RC25 Comparative Health Policy

RC26 Human Rights

RC27 Structure and Organization of Government

RC28 Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance

RC29 Psycho-Politics

RC30 Comparative Public Policy

RC31 Political Philosophy

RC32 Public Policy and Administration

RC33 The Study of Political Science as a Discipline

RC34 Quality of Democracy

RC35 Technology and Development

RC36 Political Power

RC37 Rethinking Political Development

RC38 Politics and Business

RC39 Welfare States and Developing Societies

RC40 New World Orders?

RC41 Geopolitics

RC42 Security, Integration and Unification

RC43 Religion and Politics

RC44 Military's Role in Democratization

RC45 Quantitative International Politics

RC47 Local-Global Relations

RC48 Administrative Culture

RC49 Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy

RC50 The Politics of Language

RC51 International Political Economy