Travel Information

Travel Information

The Poznań Convention Bureau produced a website dedicated to the participants of 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science. The website offers information about the city, traveling to and around Poznan, as well as ideas for leisure, relaxation and touristic and gastronomic discovery of the city.


You may also view the Poznań Host City PDF document, which provides useful and concise information on Poznań: its history, economy and education, culture, accessibility and transportation as well as tourist attractions.

Poznań Host City (PDF)

Poznań Accessibility (PDF)

Travel Advisory

Poland will reintroduce border controls from July 4th to August 2nd, due to the NATO summit in Warsaw (8-9 July) and World Youth Day in Kraków (26-31 July). This news was first issued as a “travel alert” by the US Department of State and has been confirmed by the Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak. It has been announced that all boarders to Poland will undergo stricter boarder regulations, as well as that security proceedings at airports will be strengthened. Visitors should be prepared to show their passports and undergo stricter security screening throughout Poland.

Schengen Visa

IPSA World Congress participants are requested to verify with the Consulate of Poland in their home country for visa requirements. Schengen Visa is required for numerous countries; if required, it is the responsibility of participants to obtain a visa in advance.

List of countries whose nationals may enter Poland without a visa.

For detailed and up-to-date information on visas, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

To apply for a Visa, visit E-KONSULAT.

Getting Around and Useful links

Public Transportation

Complimentary public transportation is offered to Congress participants during the IPSA World Congress upon presentation of the badge and is valid between 23 and 29 July, 2016.

Buses and trams run every 12-20 minutes from 4:30am to 11:00pm (day service) and every half an hour from 11 pm. to 4.30am (night service).

Poznań City Card

The Convention Bureau also offers a 10% discount on the Poznań City Card to IPSA Congress participants. This is the best and least expensive way to get to know Poznań and the surroundings. The Tourist Card offers discounts to Museums, tourist attractions, recreational activities and restaurants and can be purchased with or without Public Transportation.

A 10% discount will be available for participants of the IPSA World Congress when presenting their participant badge or invitation letter (available in MyCongress user menu).

Poznań City Card prices are listed below:


With public transport

Without public transport

1 day

35 zł

30 zł

2 day

49 zł

35 zł

3 day

59 zł

45 zł

For more information on the Poznań City Card, you may visit

To purchase the discounted Poznań City Card, WC participants may visit:

  • City Information Centre:
    Arkadia (ul. Ratajczaka 44)
    Poznań-Ławica Airport (ul. Bukowska 285)
    Poznań Główny Main Railway Station (ul. Dworcowa 2)
  • Tourist Information Centre: Main Square (Stary Rynek 59)
  • Selected Hotels:
    IBB Andresia Hotel
    Mercure Poznań Centrum
    Novotel Poznań Centrum
    Puro Hotel Poznań
    Sheraton Poznań Hotel
  • Malta Thermal Baths (ul. Termalna 1)
  • National Museum (Al. Marcinkowskiego 9)


It is strongly recommended to use only one of the three incorporated taxi companies, which all take credit card payments:

  • RMI Taxi (+48 61 821-9219)
    Get a 20% discount if you mention IPSA and pay cash, 10% if you pay by credit card
  •  M1 Taxi (+48 61-822-2222)
    Get a 20% discount if you mention IPSA and reserve by phone.
    Get 20% off your fare with a discount card available at information desks.
  • Euro Taxi (+48 61-811-1111)    
    Does not offer any discounts but the company standards are higher.

The average taxi fare from the Central Train Station (Poznań Glowny) / Poznan Congress Center (PCC) to most hotels is zł 15-25 (€ 3.50-5.50).
The average taxi fare from the Poznan Ławica Airport to the Poznan Congress Center (PCC) or to most hotels is is zł 30-50 (€ 7.00-12.00).
 Note that these are the average fares and are subject to variability; e.g. whether it's a day, night, weekday or a holiday tariff. Most hotels are located 1-5 km from PCC and the Main Train Station.

Tourist Information

You may view the Poznań Host City PDF document, which provides useful and concise information on Poznań: its history, economy and education, culture, accessibility and transportation as well as tourist attractions, or visit POZnan.Travel.


Poznań is one of the oldest and most historic cities in Poland.  It was on the Island of Ostrów, the oldest part of the city, that the baptism of the ruler of the Polans, Prince Mieszko took place. Poznań, also became the seat of Poland's first bishop and Poland's first cathedral was built there. In the 13th century the city served as Poland's capital for a short period, hence its official name ‘The Capital City of Poznań’.

Poznań has always had a great respect for the academy and sciences, which can be seen in the city’s rich array of academic institutions. Lubrański Academy its first university was established in 1518 and today the city houses more than twenty universities, making it home to over 140,000 students. The Adam Mickiewicz University, in particular, has a strong international presence.

The city has a rich cultural life, with a number of festivals, over forty art galleries, twenty-eight museums and nine theatres, including an Opera house. Poznań's history is reflected in its architecture and outward appearance; it is like an open museum and architectural marvels like the Imperial Castle attest to that. Its historic charm and its cobblestone paths transport one to a different century.


Top Poznań Attractions

  • Poznań Ratusz (City Hall) – renaissance building, everyday at midday you can experience famous Koziołki show
  • The Imperial Castle – impressive building constructed for the last German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II
  • Ostrów Tumski – Island on the Warta river, the oldest part of the city where first rulers of Polish state resided
  • Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul – simplicity and magnificentness of gothic architecture
  • Citadel Park – biggest park of Poznań located on the remains of former Prussian fortress
  • Stary Browar – center of commerce and art designed on the basis of historic factory, Brewery Huggerów
  • Lake Malta – big artificial lake with a number of recreational attractions such as Park Railway Maltanka

Nearby Poznań

  • Gniezno – first capital of Poland, historic city with lots of place to visit such as 14-th century Gothic Cathedral
  • Kórnik Castle – Castle from XIV century with very valuable exhibits inside and unique park and botanic garden
  • Rogalin Palace – beautiful building situated just 20 km south from Poznań, famous for old oaks in Rogalin Park
  • Morasko meteorite nature reserve – place where you can see meteor craters dated back to 3000 B.C.

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