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The 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science will be held at the Poznań Congress Center the biggest such venue in Central Europe. The venue has a a rich history and has been host to many important events, such as the 2008 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The Poznań Congress Center is ideally located, close to the airport, railway station and the city’s rich cultural attractions. The venue is easily accessible by public transport or bike and is within walking distance of the historic Old Town.

Poznań Congress Center
Głogowska 14


Poznań is one of the oldest and most historic cities in Poland.  It was on the Island of Ostrów, the oldest part of the city, that the baptism of the ruler of the Polans, Prince Mieszko took place. Poznań, also became the seat of Poland's first bishop and Poland's first cathedral was built there. In the 13th century the city served as Poland's capital for a short period, hence its official name ‘The Capital City of Poznań’.

Poznań has always had a great respect for the academy and sciences, which can be seen in the city’s rich array of academic institutions. Lubrański Academy its first university was established in 1518 and today the city houses more than twenty universities, making it home to over 140,000 students. The Adam Mickiewicz University, in particular, has a strong international presence.

The city has a rich cultural life, with a number of festivals, over forty art galleries, twenty-eight museums and nine theatres, including an Opera house. Poznań's history is reflected in its architecture and outward appearance; it is like an open museum and architectural marvels like the Imperial Castle attest to that. Its historic charm and its cobblestone paths transport one to a different century.

WC2016 - POZNAN Map