This page contains the following information on the Congress Venues:

Three Congress Venues

Poznań Congress Center (PCC)

The 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science will be held primarily at the Poznań Congress Center (PCC) the biggest such venue in Central Europe. The venue has a a rich history and has been host to many important events, such as the 2008 United Nations Climate Change Conference. PCC is ideally located, close to the airport, across the street from the railway station and the city’s rich cultural attractions. The venue is easily accessible by public transport or bike and is within walking distance of the historic Old Town.

All Congress activities (plenaries, panels, special sessions, registration and exhibition) at the exception of the Polish LOC04 Sessions, the Polish Cultural Evening and the Closing ceremony will take place at the Poznań Congress Center (PCC), located at ul. Głogowska 14 60-734 Poznań (Pavilions 7, 14 and 15).

Pavilion 15 (PCC-15)* is the main building of the Congress where the following activities will take place:

  • Registration
  • Exhibition
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Award Sessions
  • Special Sessions
  • Council Meetings

*Use entrance B to access Pavilion 15.

Pavilion 7 (PCC-7): Panels and Meetings

Pavilion 14 (PCC-14): Panels and Meetings

Morasko Campus (AMU-Morasko) - Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University

The Polish LOC04 Sessions and the Polish Cultural Evening will take place on Tuesday, July 26 at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University - Morasko Campus (AMU-Morasko), located at Umultowska st. 89a 61-614 Poznań. P

Pre-Congress activies on Saturday, July 23 will also take place at the Morasko Campus.

Adam Mickiewicz University Auditorium in Poznań (AMU - Aula)

Two events will be held at the beautiful Neo-Renaissance Concert Hall (Aula) of the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) also known as the AMU Collegium Minus University Aula.
The Piano Concert by GRAMMY® Winning pianist Angelin Chang: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of RC18 on Wednesday, July 27 and the Closing Ceremony on Thursday, July 28.

Map of the Venues

The following map displays the location of the three venues:

WC2016 - POZNAN Map

The WC2016  MAP of Poznań shows the location of Congress venues (PCC, AMU Morasko Campus, and AMU-Aula), hotels, airport, central train station and main attractions.

Getting to the Poznań Congress Center

By Bus

Poznań Airport is well-connected with the city center by public transport. There are bus stops right in front of the passenger terminal and in its close vicinity. Currently four bus lines run between the airport and city center, one of which – L – is an express line connecting the airport with the main train station.

    Apart from the express line, the airport is connected with the city by two regular bus lines which start and finish at Kaponiera Roundabout (directly in the city center, close to the main train station). The first one is line 59 with the bus stop right in front of the arrival hall (new T3 terminal).
    Its nearest stop is located at Wyszeborska Street about 200m south of the passenger terminal.

By Taxi

It is strongly recommended using one of the three following incorporated taxi companies:

  • Euro Taxi
  • RMI Taxi
  • M1 Taxi

The average taxi fare from the Central Train Station (Poznań Glowny) / Poznan Congress Center (PCC) to most hotels is zł 15-25 (€ 3.50-5.50).
The average taxi fare from the Poznan Ławica Airport to the Poznan Congress Center (PCC) or to most hotels is is zł 30-50 (€ 7.00-12.00).

By Train

The Poznań Congress Center is across from the Central Train Station (Poznań Glowny).

Poland has an extensive railroad system and most major cities in Poland are reachable by train. Poland’s largest railway company is Polskie Koleje Państwowe (PKP).

Polrail Service offers a pre-booking service for travelers living outside of Poland. Tickets and reservations can be booked in advance for trips inside Poland (up to 30 days in advance for domestic trains), and to/from other countries in the region (up to 60 day in advance). There is a frequent railway traffic to borderiing countries, such as Germany, Czech Republic or Ukraine.

By Car

There are more than 800 parking spaces available at the Poznań Congress Center.
It costs zł 20 per day and car to rent a parking space. The easiest way to enter the parking lot is through gate no 1 on Śniadeckich Street. It will be the only gate that allows car access.

Getting to the Morasko Campus

You can access the Morasko Campus by taking the tram from one of the following stations:

  • Most Teatralny (Tram Station): tram lines 12 - 14- 15- 16
  • Dworzec Zachodni (Tram Station): tram  lines 12 - 14
  • Bałtyk  (Tram Station): tram line 15

Get off at Osiedle Sobieskego (terminal/last station)

Please refer to the Maps above for the location of the venues and tram stations.