Analyzing Food Security at International, Regional, National, and Local Scales

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Dr. Shane Day 

The distribution of food, both across nation-states and within nation-states, continues to be one of the major examples of inequities in global society. The study of food security, defined as an adequate supply of food in conjunction with a population's access to it, sufficient enough to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle for all individuals within a population, seeks to identify various sources of these continuing inequities. This panel seeks papers that examine, through a variety of methods, issues of food security at multiple scales. Papers examining the issue of food security at the international, regional, national, and local levels are welcomed, with the aim of examining common threads at all scales, and identifying cross-scale linkages where appropriate. Single case studies, comparative case studies, large-n quantitative analysis, and other approaches are all encouraged, in order to examine this complex issue area from as many directions as possible. Optimally, the panel will consist of at least one paper at each scale of analysis: global/international, regional, national, and local. However the ultimate composition of the panel will be based on the relevance and quality of the proposal, so all interested authors are encouraged to submit their proposals.

Dr. Shane Day
Dr. Shane Day